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Sat. 11/4 10:00 AM Dimensional Tapestries Presenter: Mary Kester Facilitator: Cynthia Prendergast Mary Kester’s world travel and career as an art historian sparked her interest in Neolithic sites. Her tapestries are abstractions from human and... more
Sat. 12/2 10:00 AM Plaited Paper Baskets Presenter: Nancy Smothergill Everyone can use another basket. In this hands-on program we will make a basket from the simplest of materials, paper. Using grocery bags, old maps, newspaper comics or any fancier paper, the basket is woven flat an... more
Sat. 1/6 10:00 AM The Wide World of Narrow Bands Presenters: Small Bands Study Group Historically, narrow bands were a necessity, essential for both work and clothing. More recently, handwoven narrow bands are used mostly for decoration, woven in a variety of techniques. Instead of being wov... more
Sat. 2/3 10:00 AM Teaching and Learning in Guatemala Presenter: Sarah Saulson Facilitator: Sue Szczotka Many members of our guild participated in the 2016-2017 friendship towel exchange project using cotton yarns dyed by a Guatemalan women’s cooperative coordinated by the Fair Trade organiza... more
Sat. 3/3 10:00 AM Touring Through Tapestry Presenter: Mary McMahon Facilitator: Nancy Smothergill In this talk, we will take a trip through the various elements of tapestry. This ancient technique of image making has some unusual elements that make it ... more
Sat. 4/7 10:00 AM Presentation of the Guild Challenge Presenter: Judy Fox Here is your opportunity to share the results of your guild challenge project and to marvel over the efforts of your fellow guild members! Bring your finished projects and be prepared to tell us about what you learned from th... more
Sat. 5/5 12:00 AM Potluck Luncheon and Towel Exchange

Bring a dish to pass along with your place setting.  If you wish to participate in the towel exchange, bring a handwoven towel and you'll go home with a randomly selected handwoven towel. 

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